Our Project

The project’s mission is to plant 100,000 trees. We plant only native, local trees whichbenefit the land and local communities.

our_projectPlusTrees is based in Veraguas, Panama, in a region that has suffered from extensive deforestation. In Panama it is common practice to log trees to make way for cattle ranching. As on average, only one cow is kept on 1-2 hectares, large areas of trees have been cut and burned. Many water reserves in Panama have been degraded due to erosion which has been caused by deforestation.

PlusTrees has purchased 300 hectares in the region of Veraguas and plans to plant 100 000 trees over the course of the next ten years.

By investing in reforestation, we also managed to contribute to the fight against poverty. We’ve created full-time jobs for many locals who we employ to plant and maintain trees. We also educate them about forests and the importance of planting trees.

By planting trees, we achieved to:

  • Fight Erosion
  • Create income for many families
  • Improve the air (as trees release oxygen)
  • Improved wastelands
  • Re-introduced many trees that benefit the local community
  • Restore local biodiversity

Our reforestation efforts include various activities:

· Seed collection (certified seeds only),

· Preparation of the soil,

· Individually bagging seedlings

· Transplanting the seedlings to the forest.

· Irrigation and fertilization

We carefully select the land to reforest, analyze the soil and based on this research decide which trees to plant.

PlusTrees has setup a project organization in partnership with local partners, such as, but not limited to Agro2 and ReviMedia. We own a fully equipped nursery, specialists and machines available. Our international partners include Hotel Pincoffs which is donating a tree for every guest in their hotel.

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