Our Solution

The global deforestation problem is not a “casual emergency.” There is an urgent need to plant BILLIONS of TREES and PlusTrees would like to contribute to the solution by PLANTING TREES. As simple as that.


Girl Hugging Tree 2We strongly believe our reforestation is vital for local communities, providing jobs and stability and for the environment with big impact on the environment.

We don’t understand how it is possible that with all those thousands of reforestation organizations, the new green `hype` and with all the money put into reforestation, that the world is still lacking billions of trees. In our modest opinion, the world has got to find a way to be more (cost) effective and pragmatic in its reforestation efforts.

PlusTrees selected critical areas and is going to reforest these areas. Our goal: 1,000,000 each year. We are very straight forward, no nonsense and we are acting fast.

Why will PlusTrees be successful and will have impact?

  • Our team is ‘on the ground’ and we have our own nurseries and organization.
  • As we are a commercial organization with no limitations of charity funds, we are able to market our service intensively, internationally and through multiple marketing channels. Our founders have over 10 years of experience in new media.
  • We think big, act small.
  • We are an entrepreneurial organization with a pragmatic approach.
  • We involve local famers who have lived there for generations and as such are familiar with the area, plants and trees. We pay them in line with the local standards, keep them out of unemployment and break the cycle of poverty.
  • The local communities and/or our partners must be committed to recovering their own lands. These people must be willing to donate the land for nurseries and reforestation sites. In addition, they must be willing to donate some of their own labor because after all, it’s their land that we’re trying to recover! For example, for our projects around Santiago, Veraguas, Panama we are working with a group of very enthusiastic volunteers who plant the trees and manage the maintenance.
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