Service FAQ

Why would I want to buy trees to support the project of PlusTrees?
Very simple, so that as many trees as possible will be planted! This is not symbolic…trees will be planted and an official certificate will proof it. This will make great birthday and anniversary gifts. You can buy trees with a credit card in seconds and you will help to make the world a better place.

Why a “for profit” organization instead of a non-profit?
Operating an organization that actually plants large number of trees (initially focusing mainly on Panama) on an accelerated basis requires much more ongoing funding than a typical non-profit entity can afford. Operating as a business, as well as carry out other eco-friendly operations that help save the environment, and most importantly, continue to plant and preserve REAL NATIVE TREES. Also, there are thousands non profit organizations with the best intentions, however with relatively low impact, due to the restrictions of a non profit organization and lack of funding. PlusTrees will have IMPACT.

How am I the official buyer of the trees?
YOUR name will appear for ever on the list of sponsors at the entrance/fence of the actual forest planted and the actual certificate will be sent to your address. We`ll keep you posted through Twitter, our blog and with many photos regarding our activities.

How can I be sure that `my` trees won`t be cut down?
PlusTrees has a project team on the ground for daily checks, conserving etc. PlusTrees only cuts down trees if needed for protection or maintenance purposes. Other than that, we plant trees to reforest, not to cut down or commercial use.

How can I unsubscribe from this service?
If you want to unsubscribe and wish not longer to plant trees, you can do this very easily by logging in with the provided login information at subscription and click Unsubscribe. Another way is by sending an e-mail by using or call our Customer Service Department on 1-800-491-7025 (US) or 0800-048 8835 (UK). You will be unsubscribed within 24 hours.

How can I get removed from your mailing list?
You can either click the “Unsubscribe” button in the client login area, send an email to or call our Customer Service Department on 1-800-491-7025 (US) or 0800-048 8835 (UK). Simply request to be removed from our mailing list, provide an accurate email address, and we will unsubscribe you (please note that it takes 24-48 hours for our list to update and for your email to be removed).

I didn’t know that I had to pay for this service?
We clearly communicate, not only on our website, but also in our promotions (visually and/or verbally) what the trees cost. Furthermore after a customer subscribes he or she will also receive a welcome email with login information.

I didn’t know I subscribed to a subscription service?
In all our promotions we clearly communicate that this is a subscription service. Within a subscription service, starting for only about $0.70 daily, you offer great help and you have the chance to really have impact by planting many trees. By the way, we offer you also the possibility to buy a tree one at the time, without any subscription.

I have never subscribed to this service, but I am receiving emails and I see charges on my credit card statement, how is this possible?
It is impossible that customers receiving emails and getting charged at random. The only way to subscribe to our service is by filling in all information on our website. Maybe somebody else used your information to subscribe to the service. In any case we don`t charge or send you anything, before somebody actually subscribes. Please see our refund policy.

Who can enter the program?
Our tree program is open in the first place to legal U.S. and UK residents who, at the time of entry, are residents of, and are physically present in the United States or United Kingdom and who are eighteen (18) years of age or older as of the start date of the subscription or in case of younger than eighteen (18) years have parental approval. But people from other countries are also welcome, our project doesn`t have any borders.

What are the maximum costs for using the service?
When buying the max number of trees, the maximum costs for support is $49.99 monthly for 4 months plus $9.99 maintenance cost in the first subscription month. But we also offer lower priced products; we are more than happy with any fund to plant trees.

Can I support PlusTrees using a check or money order/cashier’s check?
No, we no longer accept personal checks, money orders or cashier’s checks. You can purchase our products using the 2 major credit cards (Visa and Master Card).

If you are experiencing problems ordering online, please contact our Customer Service Department by email at

What company will the charge be from on my credit card statement?
Your charge from our company should show as:

My child subscribed to the service, can I get a refund?
We clearly communicate in all our advertisements that you have to be the legal owner and bill payer to subscribe. Beside this we clearly state that children under 18 must seek parental approval before subscribing to any of our tree program. However, it is important to use that you buy trees for our program with your heart and in free will. Please see the refund terms below.

In which cases do I get a refund?
We take great pride in what we do and want you to be pleased with your support (which is very appreciated by us). We believe in offering the very best value, quality and selection to our supporters. Customers can receive a refund in three cases:

- When there was a technical failure with the service or our website

- When a customer tried to unsubscribe with but couldn’t unsubscribe. Then the customer gets a refund from the date he or she tried to unsubscribe.

- In case you are not satisfied with our service and/or tree planting program.

A refund needs to be requested by email or through our support number within 30 days after the billing date on your creditcard statement. In other words, we will not refund any amount with a billing date on your creditcard statement older than 30 days. In case of complaints, we will look at it case by case.

When will I receive my refund?
A credit will appear on your statement within 15 to 20 business days

How long does my subscription last?
This depends on the type of subscription you have selected. The premium subscription takes max 4 months, but of course you can renew this subscription if you wish. The standard subscription is indefinitely - as long as you want it to. As described above, you are free to unsubscribe at any time.

Where does the money go?
At least every $19.99 plants a tree in a Panama (in case of the Family Trees package for about every $16). It’s that simple. The campaign supports reforestation and replanting efforts in the Panama province Veraguas, in the first place. Your support will assist in purchasing trees and materials needed for the replanting effort and will help fund a fire prevention program in conjunction with the reforestation efforts. PlusTrees guarantees that less than 10% will be spent on administration and other overhead cost. Academic research shows that trees planted in tropical zones are the most beneficial to the fight against global warming. This study covered the effects of carbon dioxide absorption, reflection of solar radiation, and reflection of solar ration from increased cloudiness.

“Our study shows that tropical forests are very beneficial to the climate because they take up carbon and increase cloudiness, which in turn helps cool the planet,” explained Dr Bala. “The further you move from the equator, though, these gains are eroded; and the team’s modeling predicts that planting more trees in mid- and high-latitude locations could lead to a net warming of a few degrees by the year 2100.”

The focus of PlusTrees is Central America, in the first place Panama.

Which trees will be planted?
All native trees which have a positive impact and which are serving the land and/humanity:

Maria tree (Calophyllum Calaba)

Higo (Ficus Carica)

Copey (Clusia Rosea)

Espave (Anacardium Excelsum)

Harino (Cojobia Rufescens)

Caoba (Swietenia Macrophylla)

Laurel (Cordia Alliodora)

Tamarindo (Dialium Guianense)

Nance (Byrsonima Crassifolia)

Corotu (Enterolobium Cyclocarpum)

Pino Carribean

Panama Tree (Sterculia Apetala)

Espino Rico (Sideroxylon Celaserium)

Mangle de Montana (Myrsine Coriacea)

When will my tree be planted?

Obviously trees can not be planted all year long. In our project area, the months May up to October are the best months to plant trees because of the raining season. Whenever you buy a tree with PlusTrees, this tree will be planted in the period mentioned above, however the seed will be planted much earlier. Please see our our activities during the year:


You can contact our customer service center at anytime either by telephone 1-800-491-7025 (US), 0800-048 8835 (UK) or email We aim to answer emails in 24 hours or less of receipt.

International customers (other than US or UK) should contact our customer service center by email on for local return address.

For more information, see also our Terms & Conditions on this website.

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